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What do we do?

MemGroups is a site that helps people to study subjects alone or in groups. MemGroups means memory groups or memorise in groups; groups can be seen as online classes and group owners can be seen as teachers. Group owners can use Groups as mini classes with casual group discussions on any subject. Remember anything using the cardset functionality and even create tests for others. Set up your own flashcards or tests and learn daily, from Mathematics, Geography, Medicine, Biology or any subject. Join a group and learn with others using shared flashcard sets. Make buddies to learn, chat and message with. Schools and colleges can use the group functionality to set up tests and group discussions for students.
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For Individuals

Set up a group and invite your buddies to join. Create flashcard sets for yourself or for your groups. Chat via group discussions or send your buddies messages using the iternal messaging system. Use the live messenger to chat in real time about your chosen subject. Discuss what is happening in your group or subject in your flashcard sets for your groups. Use the Cardsets to memorise languages, maths formulas, geography or any other subject. Create your own mini tests or flashcards for any subject you wish to study. Select a random subset of items by defining the amount of cards you wish to study. Study only those cards you find difficult. Socially interact with other members studying the same subject or just study by yourself.
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For Groups

Use the groups functionality to create classes or groups for your students or friends. Create multiple groups and discuss your chosen topics, mail members with the internal messaging system. Receive messages and questions from your group members either via the group discussion board or the internal messaging system. Create flashcards and mini tests for your group members. see groups as mini classes, give live lessons to your online members via the group whiteboard and discussion board. Use the whiteboard like you would in a real class, what you write on the whiteboard others in the group will be able to see on their whiteboard what you are writing; whether that be a complicated math formulae, a drawing or a character from another language like japanese, Chinese or Kortean.
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